What are the 7 required components for any Business Website?

Note: The following points below are vital to a website but are not core determining factors which convert website visitor into customers.



Calls to action

Phone number



Lead Capture Form

Marketing Messages

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Below are the 7 components required by a website:

  1. Know your Target Website visitor

When creating a website you need put into focus the need of your website visitors and structure your website to meet that need, consider this question like what kind of information are my target clients interested in on my website?. Make such information available when creating or updating your website so the visitor can call or email you for your services or product.

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  1. Display 80% of website features on your Home Page

Presenting all website features on the home page may seem like a good idea on the surface but it results in a cluttered website. Therefore only main product and services that are appealing to your website visitor should be featured on the website, on landing on your website if visitors do not see the desired services they are looking for they may leave and never return. It is good to know that you can list all your services on different website pages while your homepage is kept simple yet informative.

  1. Categorize Home Page visitors

Select 80% of your website visitors which are valuable in terms of accruing revenue and then split into 4 Categories the main service they sort when they visit your website and design your home page using such information.

  1. Keep your Homepage informative yet simple

Wordy Homepage looks unattractive and important services or messages are lost in a pool of words like a diamond ring in a dump site, keep your website simple so that prospective clients can find their interest in a short time and contact you for your product and services.

  1. Pleasant Website appearance

Your website need look attractive and eye catching to be viewed as professional and authentic, if visitors do not find your design pleasant they may decide to visit other websites displayed on the Google search engine result.

  1. Enhance your web pages with Calls to action

Call to action refers to Phone number, emails and subscribe to-forms which can be used to contact you for more information, product and services. Potential customers who have decided to patronize you need to do so at ease and your phone number, pre-dial and email should be made available on all part of the website to allow for easy contact.

  1. Mobile friendly

In addition to viewing website through laptops, desktops and similar devices, it is of importance that your website can be viewed conveniently on Mobile phones and Tablets because people are on the go and the act of carrying bigger devices around is fading.

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