Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Call tracking involves provision of information about callers and how they got in contact with your business. The information furnished by tracking incoming call results help in revenue generation.

By establishing the marketing channel that leads to each phone call you receive, you increase your income.

Offline and online marketing activities consisting of direct mail, newspaper, television, printed brochures, direct mail, email, YouTube, Google Places, Facebook, billboards and website should be evaluated.

Importance of Call Tracking and Analytics in Marketing ROI enhancement

Billions of sales calls are received monthly by United States businesses since the increase in use of Smart phone and Mobile Search. These phone leads translate to increase in revenue exceeding figures accounted for by web email leads. To improve your marketing and sales you must be able to track the phone leads to its source.

The essence of Call tracking is to get feedback on the effectiveness of each advert and marketing activity employed by your organization and their impact on sales and service appointments.

Making speculation about phone call sources is injurious to marketing and sales. Make use of different call tracking phone number for your offline and online marketing operations and stop being a greenhorn.

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