Google Adwords


An effective method to attract more visitors to your website is through Pay per Click Advertising with Google Adwords.

The role Google Adwords plays is helping you attract Local internet Users and customers who search the internet for product and services to your website.

An effective advertisement medium currently used by millions of Local Businesses is the Google Adwords.

Google Adwords can be quite complex. This advertising medium requires experience, expertise and a significant time commitment to maximize its benefit.

Our professionally proven pay per-click methodology is a reliable means of managing Pay per-click Internet Advertising Campaigns with Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

We do the following with our proven Pay per click methodology: `

  1. Carry out a detail analysis of your business services.
  2. Conduct in-depth keyword evaluation.
  3. Develop a well-planned and a proper advertising campaign structure.
  4. Create an apt ad group structure with pertinent key words.
  5. Conduct ad copy development.
  6. Guarantee fitting keyword ad copy landing page applicability.
  7. Establish a fitting bid strategy.
  8. Enhance landing pages for ad destinations.
  9. Carry out funnel and conversion tracking mechanisms.

It is noteworthy to emphasise continuously the importance of Google Adwords in the enhancement of the ROI.

We will arrange for a convenient time for you to meet with your new account manager, immediately you are done with our team of professionals and they have fashioned out a plan that best suits you.

Your proposed account manager prior to appointment will study and be furnished with your website information, research your industry, available competitors, currently used Pay Per-Click Strategy and general practices in order to be informed about your business goals and become well equipped to carry out quality managerial activities to impart to the success of your Pay Per-Click approach.

The core issues to be discussed during the appointment are your knowledge of the industry, current account and many other details and factors vital to assist us in creating a unique plan for you.

We can design a functional and profitable Pay Per-Click Strategy using the information you supply and our technical competence.

Our account managers are trained to work with appropriate effort, ensuring you achieve your set out business objectives. To promote your business today call (480) 409-4624.